Lose Stubborn Fat & Gain Back Confidence!

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Fit Queen Academy challenge

By Noel Arevelo




  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Support and Accountability!
  • ​Q & A Facebook Lives With Me
  • ​Bi – Weekly Check-ins With me to make sure you are staying on track


  • Learn the best way to diet and approach nutrition for the rest of your life! 
  • ​Meal Templates to teach you what you should be eating and how much (Portion control is Key) Approved Grocery List, Supplement guidance and recommendations 
  • ​Video teachings showing you How to count macros and what you need in order to be successful at it


  • Weekly Modules that help you to get rid of the excuses that aren’t serving you and take back control of your life and confidence!
  • ​Book Requirements that will change your life!

Value of $1497

Now only $147

Fit Queen Academy Challenge
 ✔️Fitness Lifestyle 
Whether you are starting from a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter, over the next 90 days the Fit Queen Academy Challenge will show you how to get rid of that stubborn fat, get stronger, and become the most confident version of YOU!
Have you ever felt lost when it comes to transforming your body? Maybe you know something needs to change and you know that your health needs to be a priority, but you're just not sure how to get there. You've been going to the gym, but without a solid plan, it's hard to know what to actually do while you're there. The internet is filled with crazy amounts of "information" when it comes to fitness, and it can be hard to know who/what to listen to. 

That is exactly why I created this program. I'm here give you everything you need to burn body fat, get stronger, and build a resilient mindset that will help you not only transform your body, but also your life. My #1 goal is to enable you to see REAL results.
"11 weeks into this program and I have lost 11 lbs!...It was almost as if she was right by side through the whole thing."
Samira's Transformation
"Just in four weeks I've gone from squatting 95 lbs to squatting 125 lbs...I never thought this day would happen!"
Jacqueline's Transformation
"Here we are 11 weeks later and I am down 11 pounds!"
Vivianna's Transformation
"I have a confidence in myself I never thought I would have!" 

Angie's Transformation

"Working with Noel is probably the best thing that could of happened to me! She helped me get the stomach I always longed for and could never obtain on my own."

Alejandra's Transformation

"What can I say about Noel? She's amazing! Noel is an amazing coach and will get you the body you have always wanted."

Veronica's Transformation

"Working with Noel was amazing, not only did I lose 15 pounds but I walked away so much more confident in who I was."

*Disclaimer: These client results are from past programs that will have a very similar structure as FIT QUEEN ACADEMY Challenge.
What Makes Fit Queen Academy Challenge Different?
  • This is the Last Diet you will ever have to know – Fit Queen is a LIFESTYLE not a fad diet or cookie cutter meal plan you find yourself unable to sustain week after week
  • ​This is not just another program that you lose 10lbs with then gain 15lbs back afterwards – you will know how to keep off the weight even after the program has ended 
  • ​You will own your CONFIDENCE with Mindset Modules that make you throw away the excuses that have been holding you back from having the body, confidence and life you deserve! Tapping into the Powerful woman that resides within you and never losing her again 
  • ​Eat food that you LOVE while still losing weight, getting stronger and having more energy! 
Join Today
And Get...
  • Library Glossary Of 50 Videos + Going Over Exercises For The Best Technique and Form (You’ll be teaching everyone else how to lift in no time!)
  • ​Brand New Workouts Every 4 Weeks To Keep It Fun In The Gym (Never have to think about what to do in the gym now! Just Open and GO!)
  • ​Learn How To Choose what Weights to lift ON YOUR ON that’s going to push you the most and get you stronger fast!
  • ​Fat Shredding Cardio Program That Is Going To Help Get Rid Of That Stubborn Fat
  • ​Mobility Guidance On How To Help With Recovery and Reduce Feeling Sore
  • HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED VIDEO: What to do when you don’t feel motivated!
  • At home workout guide with body weight fat shredding workouts and at home workouts with dumbbells (If there ever is a day you really can’t make it to the gym don’t worry I got you!)
  • After learning this way of dieting – you’ll never have to learn another Diet ever again (Bye Bye Fad Diets – Breaking all the myths and never feel frustrated about food again) 
  • ​HOW TO EAT OUT VIDEO GUIDE (No more not attending girls night out, keep losing weight and never feel guilty again)
  • ​2 Different Meal Templates To Choose From Depending On What YOU prefer and what helps you be the most successful with your goals
  • ​Meal Templates That Make Meal Prepping Super Easy and Show You Exactly HOW MUCH, WHEN and WHAT you should be eating!
  • ​Grocery List Packed With Food That Is Going To Give Your Body The Natural Energy That You Need
  • ​Videos Teachings On How To Count Macros, What You Need To Count Them and How To Use My Fitness Pal
  • ​Sports Supplement AND health Supplement recommendation and guidance on how to use them for best results!
  • Check-ins with me to hold you Accountable and make sure you are on track! (Most fall off and aren't consistent because they don't have Someone hold them Accountable)
  • ​Facebook Lives with me to discussing (Nutrition, fitness and going over MINDSET)
  • ​Be Apart Of An Exclusive Facebook community and New Fit Queen sister to get support, get advice and be vulnerable!
  • ​Enter to WIN FIT QUEEN of the month and earn EXCLUSIVE PRIZES
Learn to Live The Fit Queen Lifestyle
  • Be part of a movement fueled by powerful women striving to become the best versions of themselves 
  • ​Experience NEVER having to do another Diet
  • ​Never worry about what you eat again 
  • ​Get rid of those last 10lbs that won't come off no matter what you do
  • ​Be the MOST confident version of yourself 
  • ​Keep the weight off forever by making this your forever LIFESTYLE
  • ​Feel sexy in a bikini and comfortable in anything you desire to wear
  • Keep off the weight, eat food you love while still losing weight, and stop the never ending cycle of gaining weight & losing weight
  • Get rid of all the excuses holding you back and finally be able to get out of your own way
Make 2018 the year you actually follow through on your goals!
Make it the year you transform into the strong, sexy, lean woman you were meant to be! 
Click the sign-up button below to reserve your spot while there's still time!

 Fit Queen Academy. 
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